Designing & Installing Hardwood Floors for Over 20 Years!

Traditional & Customized Wood Flooring:


Walkable Art Flooring is the go-to flooring company that, with your vision, uses all types of wood flooring (all species, colors, sizes) to utilize your space as a canvas in creating traditional, customized, and one-of-a-kind flooring designs. Using the latest technology, top of the line materials, and a team of extensively trained wood Artisans, we re-establish the craftsmanship and passion in the flooring industry that has been lost due to the trending "fast-food like” flooring installations. Every project, large or small, starts and ends as a collaboration between you and our Design Specialists to use and honor the heritage and uniqueness of your space. We take pride in making your floors a multi-functional accessory of quality with every step.

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Designing Art You Can Walk On!

Wood Artisans You Can Trust

Our Design Specialists undergo rigorous training to provide you with high quality craftsmanship and customer service.

Upholding Our Family Legacy

With over 25 years in the hardwood flooring industry, we are truly passionate about the hardwood flooring industry. We take great pride in ensuring our clients are happy & satisfied.

Collabration is Key

Designing hardwood floors that you love for your home or business is a collaborative effort & our top priority. Share your vision with us, no matter how basic or elaborate, and let our expert Designers work with you to create designs that you are proud to walk on.